Frequently asked questions

QWhat does my tuition include?


Included in the tuition and supply fee are all of the books and supplies that you will need. Also included is the American Heart Association CPR course fee. There is a $500 registration fee due upon acceptance. If the student decides within 3 days of this acceptance not to attend, the $500 will be refunded. After the 3 day waiting period, no refunds will the given for the registration fee.

Students will also pay $30 for their Individual Liability Policy, due by the first class session.

Supply fee includes: Study guide, Lab book, Typodont, and Safety glasses.

QWhen and where are classes held?

QWhat attire is appropriate during class time?

QWill I receive a certificate or diploma at the completion of the course?

QWhat happens if I miss a class?

QWhat is the difference between SDAA and a 10-12 month Dental Assistant Program?

QWhat is the average salary range I can expect to earn upon course completion?