Facts about Dental Assisting

Dental assistants enjoy nearly limitless upward mobility potential in the dental field. Whether it is a lifelong career assisting the doctor chairside, as a stepping stone to a career in dental hygiene or becoming a dentist oneself, the assistant plays a pivotal role as a member of the dental care team.

Forming lifelong bonds with patients, making them feel comfortable, alleviating their worries and concerns, facilitating faster more efficient treatment…all are in large part due to the skill of a well trained professional dental assistant. The dental assistant is an integral part of making dentistry work.

Primarily a dental assistant will spend a majority of time assisting the dentist, coordinating treatment with specialist’s offices, facilitating proper handling of laboratory cases, and ensuring that the patient’s treatment goes as smoothly as possible. Dental assistants should also be familiar with the day to day operations of the practice management aspects such as keeping accurate treatment notes, scheduling appointments, answering basic questions about dental insurance and answering office phones appropriately.

Dental assisting is a career which requires the ability to effectively multi-task while ensuring that each step is done thoroughly and professionally.